Marketing is about more than selling. It connects people and builds relationships. It  creates captivating experiences and ensures people are invested in your brand. It breaks through the noise, engages your customers, and makes sure you are heard.

This is what MARQUEE does.


Marquee’s talented team inspires you with new ideas and fresh perspectives. We’re ignited by an infectious level of energy and passion you won’t find anywhere else.

This is what MARQUEE does.

  • Public + Media Relations
  • Advertising + Media Buying
  • Graphic Design + Branding
  • Web Design + SEO Management
  • Social Media + Digital Marketing
  • Database Development + CRM Management
  • Fundraising + Campaign Development
  • Relationship Marketing + Community Engagement
  • Corporate Celebrations + Conferences 

We devote the time our clients need. We develop original solutions and are deeply invested in your long-term success. We want to consistently exceed your expectations and achieve your unique goals.

This is the MARQUEE way.

We focus on a select group of visionary leaders and organizations who, like us, are passionate about their mission and goals. You know that success doesn’t come easy. You understand that it takes strategy, dedication, and patience.

This is the MARQUEE client.

Our experienced team knows your business is unique and works closely with you to develop personalized solutions for your marketing needs. We use courageous creativity to create bold solutions and memorable experiences that give you the competitive edge needed to achieve your business goals

This is the MARQUEE difference.

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