YOUNGSTOWN- Marquee, a Youngstown-based boutique consultancy founded in 2005 to focus on strategic marketing and inspired events for a select group of passionate clients, is pleased to announce that they received their federal Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certification in February.

Of course, certification validates that a business is at least 51 percent owned and managed by a woman. However, during the extensive months-long application and interview process, business owners need to defend their fiscal responsibility, present growth plans, and up-to-date cash flows for consideration.

As a result, this sought-after certification means the government has deemed the business has the capacity to succeed. In addition, because each year, the government has a goal to award 5% of all contracts to Women-Owned Small Businesses, this certification allows Marquee to expand its network through subcontracting on the city, state, and federal contracts.

“We are delighted that the State of Ohio is working to encourage, nurture and support the growth of women-owned businesses like ours,” said MARQUEE President Aundréa Cika Heschmeyer. “This certification exposes us to new subcontracting and entrepreneurship opportunities for which we have been working hard to prepare. Can’t wait to see where we grow!”

About WBE: The Women Business Enterprise program was created by the State of Ohio because it recognized the need to encourage, support, and nurture the growth of women-owned businesses. The intent of this program is to foster the development of these businesses and increase the number of qualified competitors in the marketplace.

About Marquee: Marquee is a boutique agency founded in 2005 to focus on strategic marketing and inspired events for a select group of passionate clients. With a specialty in public and media relations, brand development, nonprofit fundraising, corporate events, and digital marketing, Marquee is proud to engage 11 affiliated staffers that, on average, bring more than 20 years of experience to help clients grow and stand out from the competition.