In-House Recruitment + Employee Appreciation Event


The challenge

As the real estate market around the entire nation is experiencing unprecedented demand and housing stock often sells within 24 hours of listing, Burgan Real Estate continues to retain the area’s premier agents to represent their services not only in the community, but also around the nation.  When all things are equal, corporate culture is often what will create lasting and loyal staff relationships.

Burgan Real Estate is committed to recruiting and retaining their talent as the market continues to thrive. Since 2017, Marquee has orchestrated events that celebrate and grow the Burgan team.

In-House Recruitment and Employee Appreciation Events

Marquee Creatives plans the annual anniversary celebration events for the Burgan staff. The highly anticipated Mystery Bus Tours have become a well-appreciated perk of being on the Burgan Team. These events make strong impressions for the employees and build lasting relationships among the staff. 

Held as close as possible to Burgan’s founding anniversary date, the event begins with thematic appetizers and cocktails at a disclosed location, followed by a chartered trip to the main event. Past events have included a farm-to-table dinner at the elegant Peter Allen Inn with a championship croquet tournament and a scavenger hunt and wine tasting at the Akron Zoo.

Since 2017, Marquee has also handled Burgan’s Irish-themed recruitment event, which happens annually around St. Patrick’s day as a nod to company co-owner Patrick Burgan. In 2020, the party moved forward to a St. Patrick’s Day party with local leprechaun magician “Seamus O’Foole” and a curated Irish whiskey tasting. These events are so much more than food and drink. They are unforgettable experiences for all the attendees.

Marquee’s expertise and relationships with local providers allows the company to negotiate a lower package price and additional perks for the client. By utilizing a professional event planner, the details flow seamlessly, taking pressure off the hosts to simply enjoy the event. These celebrations note not only the success of Burgan Real Estate, but also the continued success of the staff. In a competitive environment where success is determined in large part by employing top talent, Burgan retains the best and brightest in the field. Employee morale remains high, the company culture positive, and Burgan’s reputation management is positive.