Small Business Social Media Campaign


The challenge

When Sally decided to leave her corporate career behind and establish her own leadership consulting and coaching practice, she had a challenge before her. Who would she serve? What makes her style of leadership coaching different in the marketplace? As she started answering these questions for herself, she knew she needed some help in developing a name and logo.

Starting from a blank canvas, Marquee created a searchable comprehensive website to establish an online presence for Sally.  Marquee worked together to create the branding of Sally’s expertise and experience under the name of Clarity.

Through a series of branding surveys, Marquee refined Sally’s messaging and expertise to accurately reflect the scope and wealth of experience she held in the area of career development. Marquee built a website that fully captured the expertise that honed itself through  the course of Sally’s career. Under the brand of Clarity, Marquee created an online portfolio that captured the skills Sally offers to her clients.