Small Business Social Media Campaign


The challenge

The additional insurance a pet service business requires is rarely considered when opening the business. As pet ownership and the subsequent pet care industry continues to experience exponential growth, (household pet ownership has gone from 56% of households to 68% in the last 30 years and is showing no signs of slowing). 

Since 1985, Governor Insurance has established an insurance protocol for clients who work in the pet service industry. Governor has specifically crafted and offered customized insurance bundles for pet groomers, mobile dog groomers, boarding kennels, doggie day care facilities, mobile veterinarians, and human and rescue shelters.

*fascinating stats on the explosion of the pet industry: 

Pet Service Market | Growth, Trends, Forecast (2020-2025)

Small Business Social Media Campaign

They realized that clients were living off of their phone social media and not really seeing emails and traditional print ads. Competitors were heavy into social media and they were not — although they had some platforms pages, they were certainly not actively maintained. 

Our goal was to build followers amongst customers and others so that then they could push their message.

The Governor Insurance campaign for pet insurance was specialized and narrow in scope, as the client only contracted Marquee to boost social media presence. Marquee created a series of social media campaigns to market and implement a strong presence on the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms, increasing awareness for the company and the need for the product. Additional email campaigns, podcasts and newsletters were designed specifically to reach potential customers.

Marquee’s expertise and relationships with local providers allows the company to negotiate a lower package price and additional perks for the client. By utilizing a professional event planner, the details flow seamlessly, taking pressure off the hosts to simply enjoy the event. These celebrations note not only the success of Burgan Real Estate, but also the continued success of the staff. In a competitive environment where success is determined in large part by employing top talent, Burgan retains the best and brightest in the field. Employee morale remains high, the company culture positive, and Burgan’s reputation management is positive.