Fundraising Events

Rotary District 6650 - Ukrainian Fundraiser

The challenge

Rotary Clubs around the world were seeking ways to support Ukraine relief to help the people victimized by the war with Russia.

Recognizing the experiential event skills as well as the experience and contacts with in the regional ethnic communities, Marquee Creatives was called in to curate an experience. The goal was to craft an event that attracted not just Rotarian attendance but sponsorship support and attendance for a larger regional community. Team members worked directly with the planning committee on event branding, as well as food and entertainment. 

Marquee created a design that took the viewer into the streets of Kiev before the war to reflect what was being lost. Cyrilic fonts and royal Ukrainian colors added to this disctiction.

Team members solicited and negotiated within a budget a caterer that was capable of executing an unexpected, thematic menu. The goal was a dining experience that one might enjoy on a Saturday night in Kiev before the war.  The results: From the bar and appetizers through the desserts, guest enjoyed unique menu items that seemed warmly familiar, but with a high-end urban twist.  

In addition, Marquee secured the orchestra, choir and dancers that not only authentically represented the Ukrainian culture, but also knew how to share their art with a new audience to enducate and encourage donations. 

More than 250 people attended and enjoyed amazing Ukrainian food and entertainment. The event netted more than $100,000 with proceeds going to help rebuild a school in the Kiev region and the remaining going to to help build shelters for the many of hundreds of currently homeless residents in the Kharkiv region.