This month, coinciding perfectly with Autism Acceptance Month, we launched a completely redesigned website for the Autism Society of Ohio (ASO). I’m excited to share some of the details of this project and its impact on the autism community throughout Ohio.

The project was prompted by the significant rebranding initiative that the Autism Society of America recently underwent, emphasizing accessibility and community connection. As a result, ASO sought to update its website aesthetically and functionally to better reflect its commitment to serving all members of the Ohio autism community.

Our approach to the ASO website redesign mirrored the Autism Society of America’s core values of inclusion, accessibility, and empowerment.  Here’s a glimpse into the design decisions that shaped this project:

Building Bridges Through Design: One of the biggest challenges was ensuring the website catered to a diverse audience with varying needs.  We drew inspiration from the ASA’s rebranding efforts, specifically their focus on user experience and adherence to accessibility standards.  The new site utilizes a clean and uncluttered layout with clear navigation, making it easier for visitors to find the needed resources.  We employed a thoughtful color palette and high-contrast fonts to ensure readability for users with visual impairments.

Content is King (and Queen): ASO has a wealth of information and resources for individuals and families touched by autism.  Our goal was to present this content in an informative and engaging way.  We worked closely with the ASO team to categorize content logically and prioritize the most in-demand resources on the homepage.  The website also features a prominent search bar, allowing users to quickly find specific information.

Showcasing the Spectrum: The national rebranding emphasizes the diversity of the autism community.  We reflected this theme throughout the ASO website by incorporating images featuring real people on the autism spectrum.  This approach celebrates inclusivity and fosters a sense of connection for visitors.

Empowering Through Technology: The previous ASO website resided on a Joomla platform, which can be cumbersome for content management.  We migrated the site to a user-friendly WordPress platform, allowing ASO staff to easily update and maintain content.  This empowers the ASO team to keep the website fresh and relevant, ensuring it continues to be a valuable resource for the community.

A Website Built for Connection: The ASO website is more than just an information portal; it’s a platform for connection.  We incorporated features encouraging engagement, such as a news blog and links to ASO’s social media channels.  This allows the ASO to share updates, stories, and events, fostering community among website visitors.

Throughout the design process, we kept the ASA’s core values of Dignity, Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Integrity at the forefront. A vibrant color palette, combined with authentic portrait photography, aimed to represent the diverse experiences within the autism spectrum. We also ensured clear and concise language throughout the website, avoiding jargon that could be confusing to visitors.

The redesigned ASO website is a valuable resource for families, individuals with autism, professionals, and anyone seeking information and support.  It features:

We at MARQUEE are proud to have partnered with the ASO on this impactful project.  The new website not only reflects the organization’s dedication to the autism community but also serves as a testament to the power of design in fostering connection and accessibility.  This project aligns perfectly with the recent rebranding efforts of the ASA, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and a celebration of the diverse experiences within the autism spectrum.

If your organization seeks to create a website that reflects its values, is user-friendly, and fosters connection with your target audience,  we invite you to contact MARQUEE today.