Forget the mall mayhem and frantic online searches. Living Luxe Design’s inaugural Men’s Night offered a refreshingly sophisticated take on holiday shopping for Columbiana’s discerning gentlemen. Held at The Hanger, a newly transformed event space in the Columbiana Cultural Collective, the invitation-only event was a masterclass in masculine indulgence.

From the moment guests arrived, they were treated to a five-star experience:

But the true highlight came upstairs: a personalized shopping adventure within Living Luxe Design’s elegant housewares boutique. Attendees were paired with knowledgeable staff who listened to their needs and budgets, transforming gift-giving into a stress-free pleasure. Beautifully wrapped and adorned, each chosen item became a unique and thoughtful token for the special women in their lives.

More than just a shopping event, Men’s Night was a strategic move.

The result? A resounding success. Men’s Night not only achieved its immediate goals of increased engagement, registration, and sales, but also established Living Luxe Design as a go-to destination for discerning men and women alike.

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