How Often Is Too Often To Post On Social Media?

It’s a rather simple question, but the answer is complicated. If you don’t maintain an active presence on your social media profiles, customers are likely to choose another business when searching for local products and services.

But, posting too often will leave your followers feeling overwhelmed and give you a negative reputation. Do this for too long and they’ll unfollow you.

So what is the optimal posting frequency for your business? Well, that depends on both the platform and the industry you occupy. However, we will provide you with the standard frequency for each platform; which will give you an idea of how many times per week your business needs to be sharing content.

Facebook: 5–7 posts per week.

Just like Instagram, Facebook prioritizes “friends & family” when showing user feeds. This means that posting around the clock won’t help you get more engagement. Focus on posting valuable, relevant content, once a day.

Twitter: As you please.

Twitter is the most unique platform in terms of posting frequency. User feeds are organized in chronological order, with the average tweet lasting 15 minutes before being pushed to the bottom. Also, brands can afford to be nonchalant about their content which will help your business post content as much as you please.

Instagram: 10–15 times per week.

The most unique aspect of Instagram is the usage of stories. It is important to post at least one story per day while sharing no less than three main feed posts.

LinkedIn: Every business day.

LinkedIn lives up to its stereotype of being a professional platform. Although the types of content shared have gotten more laid back over the past several years, most businesses would be overdoing it if they shared more than 20 posts per month.

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