How to Amp Up Your LinkedIn Profile

In today’s digital age, it seems like everything has a virtual component. From social media to your garage door, you can access everything through the internet. So naturally, even your professional life has an app – LinkedIn. Most of the professional world has figured this out by now, so standing out on LinkedIn starts with one crucial question: How can you amp up your LinkedIn?

Standing out from the crowd does not have to be drastic. It can start with little things that still remain true to your personal brand. Here are a few ways you can give your professional profile a little boost.

Optimize your profile

  1. Profile Photo: Use a professional 400×400 pixel photo. Pro tip: this doesn’t mean it has to be professionally taken, it just has to be a clean headshot – so, yes, you can take it on your phone. It’s a good idea to use the same profile photo across all social media platforms to increase recognition.
  2. Cover Image: Add a background image that conveys a message to those who visit your profile. This may be a branded graphic, but it could also be imagery central to your brand (for example, a photographer might include photos they’ve taken or a consultant may choose pictures of the city they work in).
  3. Headline: Next, write a headline that summarizes what you do and how it’s unique. This works best if you write it in third person and can connect your actions to concrete results. You can add hashtags that are relevant to your business and go on to list the services you offer, but no more than 2-6.
  4. Featured Section: Link only things that are relevant to your area of business. This could include certifications or even a portfolio.
  5. About Section: Shift into the first person and add more content about your personality and your strengths.
  6. Customize URL: Make sure your LinkedIn URL is customized to fit your other social media, website, or any other online presence.

Build your network

  1. Make Connections: After you’ve connected with people you already know on LinkedIn, connect with other professionals in your field by personalizing the connection request. This will help you to grow your network. Once you’ve started to gain connections, take note of the recommendations feature. Asking a few people that you have worked closely with to write you a recommendation is a great way to foster a sense of trust online. Returning this favor for those who have written you a recommendation never hurts either.
  2. Join Groups: Outside of your own page, you can join groups that focus on your area of interest. Make sure that you are an active member of the group, meaning that you share content in the group, answer questions, engage with other posts, and more. This is another great way to grow your network and meet new professionals in your field. 
  3. Engage With Others: You should also interact with posts in your feed by engaging with posts shared by your connections. Creating meaningful interactions online can help you connect with more people and boost visibility.  While interacting with your connections’ posts, you should also create your own! LinkedIn best practices suggest sharing content 1-3 times per week. Your content should be relevant to your field and provide value to your audience. Sharing articles that have to do with your field or providing updates about your professional life are great pieces of content. When you post, try to include photos or videos to supplement the content you’re sharing. Make sure to respond to those who engage with your content within 12 hours. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even share long-form blog posts on LinkedIn.
  4. Be You: Most importantly, be authentic! You’re building your personal brand, so make sure that it’s still true to you. Being authentic online keeps your audience more engaged and interested in what you have to say. This doesn’t mean sharing every single detail about yourself, but making sure that your personality shines through your content makes you feel like a real person in a sea of others that (at first glance) may appear to be just like you.

So there you have it! A few quick and easy steps to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. A good first impression can help you whether you are trying to grow your career or build a list of potential sales leads. If you don’t have time, or the desire to manage your LinkedIn profile, we can do it for you! Questions? We’d love to help! Contact Marquee Creatives by emailing or calling us at 330.234.9396!